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Public Speaker | Public Safety | Elected Official

Lacey Nelson

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Public Speaker | Elected Official | Public Safety

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CONNECT with Lacey Nelson: Unleashing the Power of Communication and Transparency

CONNECT business model and pillars of success

Lacey developed the CONNECT model to create unity where there is division. Every encounter with another person is an opportunity to CONNECT. If you meet a stranger for five minutes or you’re speaking to your spouse, there are essential factors that you must meet in order for the interaction to be meaningful. CONNECT stands for Communication, Openness, Neutrality, Nurturing, Education, Courage, and Transparency. In each interaction, if one meets all of the pillars, the CONNECTion will be lasting. If one pillar is not met, there is a disconnect. This model can and does work for anyone and everyone. Imagine a world full of people who engage with others in such a way. 

Lacey Nelson

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Public Speaking

Lacey Nelson has spoken at dozens of events, businesses, and groups. Some of them include political campaigns, Rotary clubs, colleges, police academies, and career days. She shares personal experiences of her over 15 years in the public safety sector as well as mental health awareness. She discusses her CONNECT model and instrumental in motivating others to find their passions. HER passion is to watch others find that what they need to chase their dreams is already within.



Lacey LOVES working with youth! She talks about college, vocational training programs, and opportunities for youth, and emphasizes the importance of positive choices. She also talks about law enforcement. Her discussions are those of employment opportunities but also show the human side of working in the field. She has been able to answer dozens of questions from youth and helps them understand the law from different perspectives. Lacey is very passionate about working with kids and continues the connections with some of the youth long after their meeting.

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Lacey was the host of the successful podcast CONNECT, supported and featured through the Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show (RAD Radio). With co-host, producer and popular radio talent Brandon Angel, they interviewed dozens of community leaders. Guests included human trafficking survivors, CEO's of statewide organizations bringing awareness to fentanyl, and law enforcement officers/authors who have lived through trauma and adversity.

About Lacey

Lacey Nelson was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Lacey holds two associate degrees, a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Pennsylvania State University.

Lacey has worked with juvenile offenders through the field of probation. While working full-time, Lacey paid her way through a police academy and subsequently was hired as a Deputy Sheriff in one of the nation’s largest sheriff’s offices. Lacey has spent almost two decades dedicating herself to law enforcement and the communities.

Lacey embarked on a venture into the entertainment industry through commercials, movie sets, and a television show. She has provided safety and consultant work behind the scenes of movie sets. She has modeled for fashion lines and been featured in various news interviews including CNBC, Digital Journal, and the New York Times. 

In 2020, Lacey won her first elected non-partisan seat for a utility district. This experience has allowed Lacey to CONNECT with her community on a broader level. Lacey stands firm in her idea of bringing respect and positive change to the political front. 

In 2021, Lacey was asked to be a Community Liaison for a breast cancer campaign called Paint Sacramento Pink. In nine short months, Lacey and a small team of dedicated volunteers raised over $70,000 for local breast cancer treatment and testing. Lacey was able to speak on behalf of the amazing organization on many news outlets, with professional sporting teams, and a plethora of breast cancer survivors and advocates.

Lacey has spoken to dozens of groups such as Rotary Clubs, Soroptimist groups, Boys and Girls Scouts, and high school students, and has been in commercials representing businesses and political candidates. Lacey’s talks about resiliency have resonated with thousands of people. 


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“Building relationships with human beings one connection at a time.”

Lacey Nelson

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