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I have spoken to dozens of groups and classrooms about how to find your passion and let it ignite your everyday. For youth, I talk about law enforcement, college, making the right decisions, and continue the mentorship long after our meeting.
We can meet virtually either one-on-one or with a group. I will bring the same knowledge and energy level to help transform your life and business.

— About Me

CONNECT and become your most courageous self.

I developed the CONNECT model to embrace all the words and actions every human being needs. Whether you are the CEO of a major company, an employee, a parent, a child, or anything in between, we must CONNECT. Communication, openness, neutrality, nurturing, education, courage, and transparency is needed on every side and by everyone to create the unity we so very much need. 

Lacey Nelson


Client Success Stories

Dana Davenport
Lacey came to speak to two of my high school classes today (juniors and seniors). Wow was she inspirational! She commanded the room in such a way that engaged the teenagers and empowered them as change-makers. Our class philosophy is “know yourself, know your system, know your power,” and Lacey personifies that message. Not only did students continue talking about Lacey and her message after class, but a lot noted her as their favorite guest speaker in the day’s exit ticket. Her message resonates and empowers, and I highly recommend her for any function that needs a jolt of inspiration!
Dana Davenport
Gov/Econ/Soc Yearbook Teacher at Roseville High School
Terri Crosetti
She’s an intelligent, compassionate, outgoing, strong, empathetic, talented and fun person. She always goes above and beyond to help those in need and she treats everyone with respect, always. You should hope to run across her in your life because she will affect you in a positive way.
Terri D. Crosetti
Working at Being Retired
Aura Samples
Lacey is truly a genuine and awesome human being, on so many levels! I highly recommend her!
Aura Samples
Wendy Zapata
Find your purpose and give your soul to it!!! Lacey Nelson inspired us so much at our Soroptimist Club Meeting. She is powerful, kind, caring, extraordinary, driven, compassionate and walks in filling the room instantly with hope and focus!!! We all are thankful for your time and look forward to hearing you speak in August!!!
Wendy Zapata
Public Figure Lady Boss
Tim Callan
Competence - Commitment - Caring - Courageous - Creative
Tim Callan
Lisa McCord
What, no love button for this page? I would highly recommend this young lady to anyone who is in need of a good public speaker for just about anything. She is positive, professional and a great person. Wishing you all the best.
Lisa McCord

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“Building relationships with human beings one connection at a time.”

Lacey Nelson

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